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Gratitude for Our Geomatics Team

To be a surveyor is not the easiest profession, but with the right team and equipment, it can be one of the most satisfying jobs in the A/E/C industry. “Contrary to the saying, ‘labor of love,’ surveying is a love of labor,” exclaims one of our long-standing survey crew chiefs, Micheal Belcher. Surveying requires a lot of physical activity and is a highly technical profession. Heading out into the field at dawn and sometimes staying out there until nightfall in all types of conditions including snow, sleet, rain and 100+-degree weather are not the only elements our surveyors may face on a given day. Cutting through brush and briars; dodging snakes, bees and other wildlife are all in a day’s work. Knowing that we have had a part in the growth of the community, helping to create places for people to live and use in their daily lives, makes it all worth it.

“Putting together the puzzle pieces of the land is incredibly enticing,” recalls our director of Geomatics in our Texas offices, Thad Murley. “Going out to the field to locate property corners that haven’t been found in years, wondering if I was the only person in that spot in the last 50 years, is very alluring. The history of the land is what hooked me.”

Though our surveyors make it look easy, surveying is not just a couple of people standing on the side of the road with equipment. It involves detailed research, precise measurements and a lot of math. At McAdams, we are proud of the work our Geomatics department does and we are honored to work with this amazing team.