Jim Armstrong

PLS, CFS, FAA sUAS Remote Pilot
Director, Geomatics

Jim leads the RDU Geomatics team for McAdams. Jim has over 25 years of surveying experience in various areas, including stream and wetland restorations, construction layout, boundary surveys, North Carolina Department of Transportation surveys, topographic surveys, subdivision mapping, UAS LiDAR and photogrammetry, high definition laser scanning and forensic surveys. Jim’s passion for and expertise in implementing new technologies into our Geomatics program have given McAdams the ability to provide our clients with practical surveying solutions for the most challenging projects.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

"Bad news does not get better with age. Often, when we are struggling with a deadline or finding an issue, we think it is easier “to right the ship” on our own rather than talk to a supervisor or client. We hope that one more hour will fix it, which often leads to many hours. Meanwhile, the client or supervisor is getting irritated because they feel they are not valued. Usually, if we let them know when issues arise, they can change their schedules and help resolve the situation. Waiting benefits no one. Just be honest with them. Consequences are usually less severe with earlier communications."

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