Aiken Stream Stabilization

Located between Aiken Avenue and East Geer Street to the north, and Cheek Road and Highway 70 to the south in Durham, North Carolina is approximately 3,500 linear feet of stream channel, some of which has encroached onto the existing sanitary sewer line easement. The existing stream channel has eroded such that a sanitary sewer line has been exposed, which greatly increases the potential for damage to the line in addition to inflow and infiltration issues. The erosion and location of the channel has also created significant accessibility concerns. The instability of the stream will likely continue to progress, resulting in further potential damage to the sanitary sewer line. This project will serve to stabilize and/or restore the stream to prevent further issues related to the sanitary sewer line. Final design is complete, awaiting on construction.

  • Durham, NC
Project Owner
  • City of Durham
Project Size
  • 1,440 LF impaired stream
  • 1,740 LF restored stream
Services Leveraged
Project Types