Duke University, Central Campus Stream Restoration

McAdams was retained by Duke University to design a water reclamation pond to provide water for Chiller Plant #2 on Duke’s campus. As part of this project, McAdams’ design also included restoration of approximately 3,200 linear feet of stream as mitigation for stream impacts due to the construction of the pond on a jurisdictional stream. The restoration of this section of stream was the culmination of several months of study to identify the most appropriate location on campus for this project. Multiple sites were identified, with this final site along Campus Drive chosen for location, cost efficiencies and the ability to tie this project directly into other stream restoration projects that are planned or were previously completed on campus. McAdams performed all design and construction oversight services for this project, including hydrologic and hydraulic design for a Priority 1 restoration project; 401 / 404 wetland and stream permitting; field surveying and wetland / stream delineation; and development of construction documents.

  • Durham, NC
Project Owner
  • Duke University
Project Size
  • 3,200 LF
Services Leveraged
Project Types

McAdams guided the project through the permitting process, which involved the City of Durham, North Carolina Division of Environmental Quality, US Army Corps of Engineers and Durham County. Once the project location was determined, a key challenge was implementation of a stream restoration project within a college campus setting, dealing with utility conflicts and the need to limit disturbance and tree removal. McAdams rose to the challenge through the development of a design that works with all of the existing utilities in the stream corridor area, developing specialized energy dissipation techniques for pipes entering the stream area and identifying and preserving specimen trees within the corridor, all while minimizing earthwork and land disturbance.