Tryon Road Greenway Trail

The Town of Cary contracted McAdams to design approximately 2,500 linear feet of greenway trail around Macedonia Lake with a 200 linear foot boardwalk. The project required the mitigation of impacts to an earthen dam, allowing for a trail connection to an existing pedestrian tunnel under Tryon Road.

McAdams provided alternative trail alignment scenarios that outlined opportunities and constraints in order to arrive at a solution that was most cost effective and provided for experiential enjoyment. The project team facilitated a number of stakeholder and public input meetings to better understand the concerns and desires of the community and to achieve consensus. Input from these meetings was incorporated into the ultimate trail alignment. The project required a complex permitting process which McAdams successfully navigated. The project team worked closely with the Town of Cary, NCDENR Dam Safety, Corps of Engineers, NCDENR Division of Water Quality and NCDOT staff, to obtain all required permits for construction without delay to the project.

  • Cary, NC
Project Owner
  • Town of Cary
Project Size
  • 2,500 LF (trail)
  • 200 KF (boardwalk)
Services Leveraged
Project Types