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Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

DEI at McAdams

McAdams is committed to creating a compassionate space for ongoing conversations and focused education to develop an inclusive environment where our teams feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas.

McAdams’ approach: continued curiosity in best practices.

  • DEI-related training for all employees in partnership with a third-party consultant to bring a fresh perspective to our entire team
  • Annual DEI reporting, made available to all staff members to bring awareness to our progress and efforts
  • Annual company-wide DEI survey to stay in tune with the interests and needs of all team members
  • Anonymous reporting tool that allows employees to share sensitive workplace concerns
  • Emphasizing DEI within a company-wide respectful workplace training

McAdams DIGs is a resource group whose mission is to cultivate an environment of diversity and inclusion through education, awareness, support and open conversation.

Every year, DIGs will lead and/or collaborate to host DEI-related events for the company. 2021’s events will  be centered around:

  • The Business Case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Collaborating to host a company-wide DEI training with an external consultant
  • Gender in the Workplace
  • Race in the Workplace

“I firmly believe in the DIGs group's core mission. The cultivation of diversity and inclusion, is essential to McAdams' current and future position as an innovative and responsible 21st-century firm. I believe it is paramount that we foster an environment of active, intentional understanding that contributes toward appreciation and equity of all people, both within and outside the firm.”

Jamal Alexander, Steering Committee Member