Sean Gleason

Director, Civil / Site Design

Sean Gleason, PE, is a seasoned professional with an impressive 28-year background in site development civil engineering. Sean is not just an engineer; he is a leader with a unique talent for cultivating strong connections. Throughout his extensive career, Sean has honed an exceptional ability to build rapport with diverse stakeholders, including clients, regulatory officials and staff. This skill has been pivotal in fostering and maintaining successful project teams under his guidance. Sean’s approach goes beyond technical expertise; he understands the importance of relationships in ensuring project success.

A standout feature of Sean’s leadership style is his knack for forming highly functioning teams. His deep-seated understanding of private and public sector plan submittals equips him with the tools to effectively communicate and coordinate client needs within civil/site project teams. Sean inspires and guides team members to achieve their best, creating an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive.  Sean brings his wealth of experience, leadership acumen, and team-building skills to drive excellence and success in every engineering endeavor.

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?

"In 6th grade, my favorite song was Mr. Roboto by Styx. I’d be happy to demonstrate, just ask." 🙂

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