Boxyard RTP

This project is only the second of it’s kind in the Country. Modeled after a similar development in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Boxyard RTP provides a unique year-round dining and shopping experience with opportunities for local business to showcase in the heart of the RTP. McAdams was the lead consultant for navigating the permitting process through the City of Durham and Durham County to permit the project. We provided site layout, grading, stormwater control and utility design to meet the overall developments goals, as well as to support each individual tenants needs. The project utilized shared utility services, such as a grease trap interceptor and a stormwater pond to collectively serve all tenants needs. There was a lot of fine grading coordination required between McAdams and the architect team to be certain the whole facility served each tenant and supported use for patrons with accessibility needs.

  • RTP, NC
Project Owner
  • Research Triangle Foundation
Project Size
  • 0.1 acres
Teaming Partners
  • CallisonRTKL (architect)
Services Leveraged
Project Types