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Station Nine, Berkshire at Ninth + Harris Teeter

Erwin Square

Durham, NC

Client Name:

Wood Partners Regency Centers Crescent

Project Types:

Commercial Developments

Residential Communities

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering


Station Nine (2003), Crescent Ninth (now Berkshire at Ninth, 2010) and the Harris Teeter and retail shops (2011) completed the Erwin Square infill development of the former mill property off of Ninth Street in Durham. Each project required extensive coordination of the layout, grading, utilities and pedestrian connectivity with the adjacent properties. A shared parking analysis was completed to confirm the feasibility of constructing over 600 residential units and 79,000 square feet of retail space could co-exist in this space along with the existing office, retail and hotel. Due to space constraints, each development required an underground sand filter and detention vault to address increases in impervious area and undersized existing storm drainage infrastructure. McAdams successfully ushered these three projects through the Durham approval process, construction permitting and close-out.

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