Avalon at Argyle

Avalon at Argyle is a 134-acre mixed-use development consisting of single-family residential and mixed-use retail. McAdams prepared a planned development mixed-use land plan that included 89 acres of single-family residential, 39 acres of community retail and six acres of open space. McAdams also prepared development standards for the varying uses throughout the development. These standards included densities, lot geometries, setbacks, lot coverage, screening, open space requirements, pedestrian facility requirements, fencing requirements, lighting standards, signage standards, landscape architecture standards and roadway section standards. The initial phase of the Avalon at Argyle includes the 89-acre residential portion, which consists of 334 residential lots and three open-space lots. To serve the development with sanitary sewer, two Trinity River Authority (TRA) point-of-entry requests were required. McAdams prepared sanitary sewer demand calculations that included the residential and future commercial development’s anticipated demand. The points-of-entry were designed to TRA specifications and permitted through both the Town of Argyle and TRA. A traffic impact analysis (TIA) was required during the planning phase. McAdams team members closely coordinated through the analysis process to ensure recommendations and requirements, such as road section and turn lane requirements, were incorporated into design plans. There are two Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-regulated Zone A flooding sources within or adjacent to the site. McAdams prepared the flood study, the downstream assessment and the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) submittals for the Town of Argyle and FEMA review.

  • Argyle, TX
Project Owner
  • DR Horton
Project Size
  • 134 acres
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