Carraway Village

McAdams worked with Northwood Ravin from conceptual planning through Special Use Permit (SUP) approval for a flexible plan (first in Chapel Hill history) that defined the project within ranges of allowable floor areas, building heights and block frontage requirements. Approval included configuration of the Town’s Park and Ride facility adjacent to the site to allow for a shared entrance road and bus stop next to the residential development. The SUP also included approval of a reduced buffer width along Interstate 40 that could be cleared and replanted, as well as two 35-foot tall project signs along the Interstate 40 right-of-way. Following SUP approval, McAdams gained approval of the Zoning Compliance Permit (ZCP) to mass grade the entire 54-acre project, develop the major infrastructure and the 400-unit multi-family residential project.

  • Chapel Hill, NC
Project Owner
  • Northwood Ravin
Project Size
  • 54 acres
  • 416,000 SF (commercial)
  • 700 (residential units)
  • 270,000 SF (office)
Teaming Partners
  • J Davis + Cline Design
Services Leveraged
Project Types