Breckenridge Drive

McAdams provided the Town of Knightdale with a stormwater assessment for the existing drainage system along Breckenridge Drive in Knightdale, North Carolina. The primary goal of the project was to assess existing level of service for an undersized drainage system for the roadway system and to make recommendations for improving street and structural flooding at the project location. One property on Breckenridge Drive experienced significant flooding of the lowest level of the home and crawl space during heavy rain fall events. There was also evidence of structural failures along the alignment of the pipe near a buried junction, as well as a buried outfall into open channel. This project included coordination for CCTV inspections of existing stormwater pipes; hydrologic and hydraulic analysis; existing conditions and conceptual level sketches of the project location and stormwater infrastructure; and estimates of probable construction costs for recommended improvements.

  • Knightdale, NC
Project Owner
  • Town of Knightdale
Project Size
  • 20 acres
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