Cedar Street Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Beaufort’s Cedar Street was in need of stormwater and roadside enhancements. With Beaufort’s coastal setting, improving water quality in Town Creek is always a priority, and with new businesses looking to energize the Cedar Street corridor, this was the right setting to improve the streetscape by adding in some nature. Our green stormwater infrastructure experts designed the improvements that will help the Town capture stormwater runoff from adjacent properties and streets, thereby reducing the amount of polluted stormwater runoff flowing into the surrounding estuaries. These stormwater and streetscape enhancements provide economic development opportunities for the historic Town of Beaufort. This project won Water and Environmental Project of the Year award in 2023.

  • Beaufort, NC
Project Owner
  • NCDOT + Town of Beaufort
Project Size
  • 14 roadside biofiltration systems + permeable pavement
Services Leveraged
Project Types

Curb bump out bioretention shortly after initial planting. Costs were reduced by working around existing utilities and property lines; using the existing storm drainage infrastructure for overflows; and selecting native coastal plants. Pedestrian improvements include new sidewalks, ADA accessibility improvements and crosswalk design elements to increase safety for the visually impaired.

The finished project modernizes Cedar Street and has already spurred privately funded improvements on adjacent properties. Through conscientious design and careful planning, this project has been embraced by businesses and residents along the project corridor, resulting in tangible flood reduction and quality of life improvements. The project exemplifies how investing in environmental protection and traffic calming can be compatible with historic Beaufort’s economic development, capital infrastructure improvement and tourism goals.

“It has been a pleasure working with you to bring the Cedar Street project to fruition.”

Ryan M. Mullins / NCDOT, Engineer II

The McAdams team picked up on a preliminary plan, which had outlined the location for 14 roadside biofiltration systems. Seizing on the vision for roadway rehabilitation, we also recommended long strips of permeable pavement on either side of the travel lanes to further reduce surface runoff from the highly impervious corridor. The designs are considerate of the high water table and sub-surface conditions common in Beaufort. These nature based solutions are designed to work with nature, not to fight it.