Ebinport Road Stormwater Improvements

An existing capital improvement project was identified by the City of Rock Hill to address flooding of four residential properties during regular storm events at the intersection of Northgate Lane and Ebinport Road. The existing four-foot by nine-foot culvert at the intersection collected drainage from roughly a 70-acre urbanized watershed.

  • Rock Hill, SC
Project Owner
  • City of Rock Hill
Project Size
  • 70 acres
Services Leveraged
Project Types

McAdams collected field data of the existing system and modeled the performance of the culvert. As part of the due diligence process, our staff also met with residents in the neighborhood affected by the flooding to develop further understanding of the existing conditions. McAdams performed a detailed analysis of the study area and developed alternatives for the City to address the problem and provide relief to the adjacent homeowners. A scoring matrix was used to analyze each alternative considering both monetary and non-monetary factors to assist with selection of a solution. The selected alternative provides upstream detention management to lessen peak flows at the intersection and thereby reduce flood risk. This was achieved with an undersized, bottomless culvert and expansion of the floodplain upstream. The solution provided a cost-effective, sustainable and low-maintenance option when compared to other alternatives. Construction of the proposed improvements was completed at the beginning of 2018. The proposed solution was straight forward enough that City was able to employ their own construction crews to perform the work, allowing the City to further save money on the project. McAdams prepared an alternatives analysis that explored purchase of the homes, increased conveyance in the system and off-site detention for flood control. McAdams then provided full construction design for the chosen off-site flood control option. The project has been implemented and is operational.