City of Charlotte Minor Drainage On-call

Design Services for City of Charlotte’s Minor Drainage Program

With over 1,500 open drainage requests throughout the City of Charlotte, the City’s Storm Water Services teamed with consultants to help deliver analysis and design of drainage projects in early 2019. Over the past five years, McAdams has worked closely with the City to manage and develop creative solutions to address flooding and infrastructure concerns. This work has included stormwater systems analysis and design; watershed studies; in-situ pipe repair; and stormwater control measures retrofitting and design. Throughout the planning, design, and construction process for these critical infrastructure projects, the McAdams team guides the project from concept to reality as a trusted partner with the City of Charlotte.

  • Charlotte, NC
Project Owner
  • City of Charlotte
Project Size
  • Varies
Services Leveraged
Project Types

Site Investigation + Existing Conditions Analysis

At the onset of any project, our team seeks to fully understand the property owner’s drainage requests and the existing level of service of the existing infrastructure prior to the development of remedial measures. As an extension of the City, our primary goal with any project is to determine the validity of the property owner’s concerns and address them in an economical and sustainable manner. The severity of the requests varies from sinkholes and pipe failures to significant roadway and property flooding. Our team meets with property owners, coordinates survey services, and schedules pipe video inspection services of the existing infrastructure. Once this work is completed, our team then performs a condition assessment and hydraulic evaluation to measure the performance of the existing system.

“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to work side by side with City of Charlotte staff. This working relationship allowed efficient collaboration across different disciplines and allowed for simultaneous reviews and approvals from multiple departments.”

Max Grogan / McAdams’ Project Manager

Design Services

Working closely with City staff, we then develop alternatives to address the drainage request and make a determination on the extent and scope of the remedial measure. McAdams prepares construction drawings and supplemental calculations in accordance with the City of Charlotte’s standards for review and approval by City staff. Development of these remedial measures includes installation of new or upsized infrastructure to increase conveyance capacity and/or pipe rehabilitation of existing infrastructure to address deficiencies. Design development includes regular coordination with Charlotte Water, Duke Energy, Charlotte Department of Transportation, and Charlotte Real Estate Services.

“My favorite part of working on the minor projects is my interactions with the public and my coworkers. I enjoy meeting people and working on solutions to address their drainage concerns. My team is very supportive and always willing to assist during completion of each embedment project. This enables me to learn on the job and teach my new skills to others.”

Bradley Green / McAdams’ Project Engineer

Construction Services

In addition to planning and design services, our team also works closely with the selected contractor to assist with the implementation of the proposed improvements. This includes regular attendance at construction meetings, review of shop drawings, response to requests for information (RFIs) and support with any needed field adjustments.

“The most rewarding part of this role is that you are directly benefiting the community in which you are a part of. Being one of the faces of the City of Charlotte Storm Water Services, it is your responsibility to inform, and guide impacted citizens on stormwater infrastructure improvements. Completing projects is a rewarding feeling knowing that you have just improved upon the existing conditions benefiting the local property owners from potential stormwater hazards.”

Sommon Sarmadi / McAdams’ Designer II