Chadbourn Stormwater Infrastructure Analysis

The Town of Chadbourn has experienced significant flooding for a number of years in many residential and commercial areas. The Town is currently served by a stormwater conveyance system consisting of open channels and streams; culverts; and catch basins connected to stormwater pipes. Many of the existing pipes and channels were undersized and/or clogged, creating a constant flooding issue during relatively frequent rain events.

  • Chadbourn, NC
Project Owner
  • Town of Chadbourn
Project Size
  • Approximately 2 square miles (basin area analyzed)
Teaming Partners
  • LKC Engineering, PLLC
Services Leveraged
Project Types

The Town applied for and secured a Golden LEAF Foundation Grant to study the existing stormwater system and determine what can be done to alleviate some of the consistent flooding concerns. McAdams, working with LKC Engineering PLLC, has conducted field reconnaissance to investigate the current drainage issues and determine physical constraints and system connectivity. McAdams developed a working hydrologic and hydraulic model to describe the existing stormwater conveyance system and prepared a map of known stormwater flooding “hot spots.” Once the mapping was complete, McAdams developed a list of potential stormwater improvement projects that, if implemented, would reduce flooding potential within the Town. Preliminary cost opinions for each potential improvement were developed, leading to a project prioritization system to be used by the Town for implementing these upgrades (priority to be given to those projects the Town can implement on their own without the use of an outside contractor). The Town now has a road map of projects that will reduce flooding in the Town, along with a prioritization of each of the proposed projects and the benefits of each of the potential stormwater system upgrades.