Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness, one of the most innovative projects led by the McAdams team, is located off of Falls of the Neuse Road near the I-540 Interchange in Raleigh, NC. The recent rezoning approval represents the first commercial zoned development in the secondary watershed of Falls Lake in Raleigh’s history. Innovative stormwater management and permitting approaches were critical. Detailed design elements that foster sustainable design and create special places for people include:

  • Reforestation: The design achieved the City’s 40% re-forestation requirement. Over 2,500 trees were planted to re-establish a natural/native forest.
  • Rain Gardens and Bioswales: Four rain gardens naturally filter stormwater prior to capture and reuse for irrigation.
  • Irrigation Design: McAdams collaborated with Smith Turf & Irrigation to install leading edge irrigation systems targeted at water efficiency and plant viability.
  • Fitness via Nature: The design balances opportunities for active recreation and passive use by providing a variety of outdoor fitness elements (fitness stations, sprinting field, stairs, mountain biking/running trail) and more passive spaces (open turf areas for yoga, meditation and relaxation).
  • Raleigh, NC
Project Owner
  • Life Time Fitness Corporate
Project Size
  • 28.2 acres
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