Lowlands Mitigation Bank

McAdams was engaged by Clearwater Mitigation Services to provide turn-key design and monitoring services for a 75-acre wetland mitigation site in Johnston County, North Carolina. The mitigation site was initially permitted to provide PRM for a large infrastructure project in the area.

  • Johnston County, NC
Project Owner
  • Clearwater Mitigation Solutions, LLC
Project Size
  • 75 acres
Services Leveraged
Project Types

McAdams was engaged for all design and permitting aspects of the project, including baseline data collection, preparation of the mitigation plan, final design, permitting and observation of construction. Once construction was completed in 2018, McAdams prepared the monitoring baseline document, set up vegetation plots and installed groundwater monitoring wells to document and record wetland hydrology. Since the as-built approval, McAdams has performed annual wetland monitoring activities to ensure site performance compliance, including photo documentation at established photo stations, vegetation plot survey support, groundwater well monitoring, data evaluation and monitoring report development. Currently the site has completed five years of monitoring services, however, over the last year, McAdams has supported Clearwater Mitigation Services in the conversion of the PRM site to a Private Bank Site with the North Carolina Interagency Review Team. For the Lowlands mitigation site, McAdams developed a Standard Operating Procedure for consistent data collection and evaluation methods for each annual monitoring year, which allows our team to complete annual monitoring activities in an effective, timely and cost-effective manner.