Pack Square Vision Document

The one-and-a-half-acre Pack Square Plaza is a place of civic pride and expression that sits at the intersection of the municipal, cultural and institutional anchors. This collaborative community engagement and planning process is intended not only to create a new and welcoming gathering place, but to create a planning process that facilitates healing, shared values and inclusive programming – a place that will bring people together rather than divide them. The vision document is also intended to provide more equitable outcomes in the areas of public health; safety; social; and economic development and artistic and cultural expression.

  • Asheville, NC
Project Owner
  • City of Asheville
Project Size
  • 1.5 acres
Services Leveraged
Project Types

The City of Asheville and Buncombe County understand that it is time to set a new narrative around the past, present and future of Pack Square Plaza. By having conversations about the site and broader issues, we can create community consensus for a vision document that will serve as a guidebook to illustrate how the Vance Monument site, Pack Square Plaza and surrounding area can be redeveloped for the future.