Parkside Town Commons

McAdams’ extensive involvement in the development of Parkside Town Commons involved planning, surveying and engineering for the design and permitting of the site plan and construction drawings. McAdams provided construction observation services for the installation of the utilities and preparation of record drawings and certifications. Our engineering efforts included the design and permitting of approximately 3,300 linear feet of a 16-inch off-site water main extension along O’Kelly Chapel Road beginning at the intersection of Alston Avenue to NC Highway 55 and then south along Highway 55 to the south end of the project site. In addition, McAdams designed and permitted approximately 3,350 linear feet of off-site sanitary sewer main (eight- and 12-inch) along Highway 55 from O’Kelly Chapel Road north to connect to an existing 42-inch sanitary sewer outfall near the north end of the project site. Both the water and sanitary sewer alignments involved crossing under NC Highway 55. Both the water main and sanitary sewer main extensions involved coordination with on-going roadway improvements that were constructed concurrently. McAdams successfully overcame extensive challenges in particular to the sanitary sewer extension, including design limitations based on adjacent jurisdictional wetlands, a floodway, a future box culvert extension and the tie-in elevation. After building consensus with the Town of Cary and NCDOT, a phased design was implemented to allow for the on-schedule delivery of Phase I.

  • Cary, NC
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