City of Wilmington, Athletic Complex

McAdams has been retained by the City of Wilmington to provide preliminary planning, due diligence and design services for a 60-acre soccer complex / brownfield redevelopment project. The site was owned by the Wilmington Hammerheads who donated the property to the City in exchange for financing to construct seven new tournament-quality soccer fields; restroom, concession buildings and expanded parking.

The project site was located on top of an uncapped landfill and listed with the NC Brownfields Program and Pre-regulatory Landfill Unit. The landfill has since been capped.  The team will coordinate closely with geotechnical and structural engineers as well as environmental scientists to ensure the site is stabilized for play and differential settling is minimized. McAdams is also the stormwater permitting lead for the project and is currently developing a master stormwater plan for the project to streamline permitting and all future development on the park site.

  • Wilmington, NC
Project Owner
  • City of Wilmington
Project Size
  • 60 acres
Teaming Partners
  • LS3P
  • RDK
  • Sage Design
  • Dan Dodd
  • S&ME
  • Lynch Mykins
  • Piedmont Environmental
  • Atlantic Coast Survey
Services Leveraged
Project Types