Fayetteville Road Pump Station + Force Main

McAdams analyzed a 2,500-acre basin and prepared the Sewer Master Plan for the Southeast Durham basin off of Fayetteville Road. The team evaluated the build-out scenario for the basin in close consultation with the City and presented the Master Sewer Plan to the City of Durham. As a result of the Sewer Master Plan, the City of Durham will eliminate the Massey Chapel Pump Station and a 21-inch interceptor was determined sufficient to serve build-out flow of the basin. 2,700 linear feet of a 21-inch and 1,600 linear feet of a 18-inch interceptor was designed and installed along with a 3,380 gpm dry well / wet well capsular type regional pump station with 1,900 linear feet of a 16-inch force main designed to discharge into an existing interceptor downstream.  McAdams’ design team obtained the necessary permits from NCDEQ (formerly NCDENR) and encroachment agreements from NCDOT. McAdams’ team also conducted regular inspections of the pump station and interceptor construction while providing guidance to the City and contractor for successful completion of the project.

  • Durham, NC
Project Owner
  • Toll Brothers
Project Size
  • 3,380 gpm capsular-type pump station
  • 2,700 LF 21” gravity sewer
  • 1,600 LF 18” gravity sewer
  • 1,900 LF 16” force main
Services Leveraged
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