Furst Ranch

Furst Ranch is a one-of-a-kind development, authentically inspired by nature. Over 2,000 acres of gently rolling hills, pastures and creeks filled with stands of native trees. Through biophilic design and 30% open spaces, Furst Ranch will ensure natural beauty is integrated throughout. As part of this project, a detailed conditions analysis was conducted on over 32,000 linear feet of stream channel. A baseline Texas Rapid Assessment Method (TXRAM) for the site’s intermittent and ephemeral streams was performed by McAdams in accordance with the final version of TXRAM (US Army Corps of Engineers TXRAM Wetland and Streams Modules, Version 2.0 Final). TXRAM was used to assess the existing integrity and health of each stream on the property and tabulate baseline TXRAM scores and points.

  • Flower Mound, TX
Project Owner
  • Furst Ranch I, LP / Samuel GT Partners, LLC
Project Size
  • 2,100 acres
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This data was used in preparation of a feasibility report for Furst Ranch to summarize the potential mitigation opportunities on site. This feasibility report explores the ecological restoration opportunities for the existing intermittent and ephemeral streams throughout Furst Ranch. This report also provides a cost analysis which includes estimated revenue from the potential mitigation credits and the estimated costs necessary to generate those credits.

*Initial assessment for mitigation opportunities only, using TXRAM methodology. No construction plans have been provided for this project yet.