Furst Ranch

Encouraging Nature to Create a Thriving Community

The vision for Furst Ranch began in 1992 when the Furst’s moved to southern Denton County and left the City behind. Through the years, the ranch grew to over 2,000 acres, they strove to connect people with nature, and a legacy began.

Furst Ranch encompasses approximately 2,000 acres ideally located at the intersection of FM 1171 and State Highway 377. The ranch now stretches across multiple jurisdictions and is located in southern Denton County, one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas.

  • Flower Mound, TX
Project Owner
  • Furst Ranch I, LP / Samuel GT Partners, LLC
Project Size
  • 2,100 acres
Services Leveraged
Project Types

Located within two ecoregions, the Blackland Prairie and the Cross Timbers.

The edges of these ecoregions merge to create a unique ecotone. This sparked the idea of connecting people to nature through the natural and built environments in an organic, sustainable manner through biophilic design. The design team worked with the Fursts to establish a set of goals to guide the master plan and serve as a checks and balances system.

Project goals

  • Embrace nature and stay true to the land
  • Create an atmosphere for nature and people to thrive
  • Cultivate + connect communities

Exploring the Ranch

Through extensive site inventory, the opportunities and constraints for preservation and development were identified. From prairie to rolling hills and ridges, the terrain gradually becomes more distinct along the eastern portion of the property as the prairie grasslands merge with the Cross Timbers.

Natural Features

  • Existing gas pad sites
  • Floodplains + wetlands to be preserved
  • Key view sheds + corridors
  • Existing water bodies to be preserved
  • Meadows + prairie grassland

Stream + Wetland Assessment

As part of the site inventory and due diligence phase, a detailed geomorphic conditions assessment was conducted on over 32,000 linear feet of stream channel that exist within the ranch property. A baseline Texas Rapid Assessment Method (TXRAM) for the site’s intermittent and ephemeral streams was performed by McAdams in January 2020 in accordance with the final version of TXRAM (US Army Corps of Engineers TXRAM Wetland and Streams Modules, Version 2.0 Final). TXRAM was used to assess the existing integrity and health of each stream on the property and tabulate baseline TXRAM scores and points. This data was used in preparation of a feasibility report exploring the ecological restoration opportunities for the existing intermittent and ephemeral streams. The report was completed in May 2020.

The Lakefront

The Lakefront will serve as the anchor to the central park running through the site. The lake will offer explorers the chance to actively engage with nature and promote an activated scene that will link the built environment of the lake shore.

The Trailhead

The Trailhead, a programmed open space area, will offer structured recreation and serve as a transition zone between the vast trail network and the built environment.

Community Trails

Natural open space and habitat corridors connect the entire site and create the framework of the vast trail network within Furst Ranch, providing access to natural amenities for all residents and visitors.