Moss Creek

The Moss Creek Homeowner’s Association (HOA) reached out to McAdams after video inspection of a limited portion of the existing storm drainage system showed a concrete pipe severely damaged close to an existing residential structure. Our staff met with HOA board members and affected residents to develop alternatives to remedy the issue. McAdams developed alternatives and worked with a local contractor to select a solution that was both cost effective and met the needs of the HOA. Construction of the remedial measure was completed in late 2016.

Additionally, at the request of the HOA, McAdams performed an inventory and assessment of all private storm drainage in the community to identify other areas of concern. McAdams also performed a feasibility study for a new irrigation pond to meet the growing irrigation demand of the community. This study included siting and preliminary design for the proposed irrigation pond. The results of these studies helped provide the HOA with guidance moving forward to make important budgetary decisions regarding their storm drainage infrastructure.

  • Concord, NC
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  • CW Development
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  • 330 acres
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  • Housing Studio
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