NC State University, Dan Allen Drive

McAdams was retained by NC State University to provide stormwater design of a new trunkline on West Campus to alleviate flooding at Dan Allen Drive. A new outfall was designed to work in parallel with the existing storm drainage system to add capacity and therefore reduce the likelihood of localized structural flooding. Design of this outfall was especially challenging as it runs through an existing railroad corridor and conflicted with several important university utilities, such as sanitary sewer, utility duct banks, steam lines, natural gas lines and telecommunications. Accurate field survey information was critical, as was coordination with the railroad. Design of this outfall also had to consider disturbance of day-to-day operations in a very busy area of campus. The construction drawings and specifications of the new outfall are completed and have been approved by the State Construction Office, NC State University, the North Carolina Railroad, CSX and Norfolk-Southern.


  • Raleigh, NC
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