The Cedars of Chapel Hill

The Cedars is part of the mixed-use Meadowmont neighborhood with its idyllic Main Street and bustling Town Square just a short stroll away. East West Partners selected McAdams to assist them with the Town of Chapel Hill’s strict and complex development regulations. The project also presented the additional challenge of dealing with the US Army Corps of Engineers, given that the site abuts the Jordan Reservoir property imposing additional environmental restrictions.

McAdams’ design professionals successfully managed very tight grading to provide wheelchair accessibility throughout, while still distributing the stormwater adequately. Due to the site’s size restrictions, the McAdams team provided a design for about half of the parking to be accommodated under the buildings.

We significantly reduced the owner’s grading cost by mining good fill dirt out of the “great lawn” area of the site, and replacing it with non-structural fill undercut from the site; thus saving the owner significant off-site borrow cost.

  • Chapel Hill, NC
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