UNC Wilmington, Chancellor’s Walk

McAdams was responsible for the civil engineering design for sidewalk replacement, storm drainage upgrades, along with design and topographic surveys for the refurbishment and improvements to 1,600 linear feet of this major axis and main pedestrian corridor within the campus. Another key component was that the existing sidewalk was within two different drainage basins; therefore two different permits had to be revised. In addition, about half of the sidewalk was draining into an unpermitted pond so the stormwater and environmental team designed a diversion so as to convey the storm flow to the permitted pond while revising the permit for that pond to account for the additional flow. These permit modifications were handled through the NCDENR express review process and approval was achieved with one meeting as there were no modifications requested to our proposed plan.

  • Wilmington, NC
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  • UNC Wilmington
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  • 1,600 LF
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McAdams has been most responsive to our needs. What I particularly like about their services is that they took the time and very persuasively created concepts that are convincing, credible and influential.

Sharon Boyd, Associate Vice Chancellor