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Randi Rivera, AICP

Director, Planning + Entitlement
Director, Planning + Entitlement

Randi leads the planning and entitlement effort for projects. She is an effective resource for clients as she understands the critical elements necessary to transition innovative design concepts into reality. As an advocate for clients, she works closely with other design professionals, municipal staff members, community officials and other stakeholders to design projects that result in a positive impact for the communities we serve.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Favorite Childhood Memory:

“I grew up on 20 acres in Copper Canyon and we lived next door to my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. I was always outside playing with my cousin and we would ride our go carts up and down the gravel road and through the pasture pretending we were in our own little imaginary city with stoplights and shops. My cousin and I would also spend hours using dirt, rocks, grass and anything else we could get our hands on to build neighborhoods for our toy cars and trucks. I always loved creating imaginary places and being outdoors.”