The Canals at Mansfield

This master plan is designed to establish a dynamic mixed-use district at the heart of Mansfield and fosters an activated residential community that seamlessly integrates live, work and play opportunities. Positioned as an anchor of this visionary project, the new City Hall will be located at the southeast corner of the site and serve as a pivotal catalyst for municipal and governmental services. Central to the plan is the incorporation of a river canal, designed not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also as a unique attraction contributing to the area’s entertainment and recreational offerings. Modeled after successful water-centric developments, the canal adopts a specific shape that harmonizes with the overall geometric design of the site. The canal, accessible by boats and recreational devices, at a consistent elevation, links to multiple lakes, providing both site detention and expanded outdoor activities. Thoughtful water elements facilitate stormwater conveyance, directing it to the south of the site while adhering to appropriate release rates for the floodplain off-site.

  • Mansfield, TX
Project Owner
  • City of Mansfield
Project Size
  • 150 acres (approx.)
Teaming Partners
  • Stillwater Capital
Services Leveraged
Project Types

The Canals will offer double-sided canal frontage, enhancing the real estate value of the area with premier restaurants lining its edges to provide exceptional outdoor dining experiences.

The development boasts interconnected open spaces and includes a defined central park, which emphasizes walkability and a pedestrian-friendly design. This holistic approach ensures activities abound at every turn, creating an engaging environment for residents and visitors alike. In addition to its intrinsic appeal, this development holds significant economic promise for the City, offering a diverse array of opportunities that are poised to generate substantial economic revenue.

Project Features