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  1. Utilized a phased construction method to avoid service interruption because the site needed to remain completely functional during construction.
  2. Designed the parking lot renovations with improved traffic circulation because it made it easier for the trucks to maneuver throughout the parking lot.
  3. Designed a larger parking lot with a centralized staging area because it allows linemen to efficiently mobilize for weather-related power outages.

Energy Company, Garner Complex

Energy Company, Garner Complex in NC is approximately 69-acres and functions as a support facility for their electrical transmission and distribution operations.  Supplying much of the State’s energy source, it is critical to keep operations functioning at a high level. When McAdams was hired, we saw right away that it was crucial to avoid service interruption during the design and construction of this project. We immediately saw the need to have phased construction to ensure operations remained completely functional throughout the project.

Additionally, McAdams successfully brought the site into compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Spill Prevention and Countermeasure Control regulations, as well as implement other necessary site improvements. Such improvements consisted of laydown yard expansions, onsite traffic circulation improvements, pavement repairs and rehabilitation, new access drives and other site user improvements.

These improvements not only solved a number of existing problems, but also improved site usability and functionality for their daily operations. One of the major improvements was enhanced traffic flow throughout the parking lot. McAdams saw the need for easier maneuverability for the trucks to navigate the parking lot saving time and increasing functionality.

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