Mill Street Elementary School

Huckabee hired McAdams to team on a new elementary school campus that was completed in two phases. In Phase I, we started with the final plat process required by the City of Lewisville. McAdams then laid out the site in order to separate the bus loop and the parent drop off loop. Next came the design of the deceleration lanes for South Mill Street and High School Drive that connect into the bus loop on the west side of the building and a parent drop off loop on the east side. The bus loop and parent drop off loop were designed in such a way that it was able to be extended in Phase II when the existing administrative building was demolished. Additionally, we designed the parking layout, fire lanes, playground, hard-surface court, multiple stormwater detention basins and all wet utilities. Additional parking, a playfield and playgrounds were also added. All wet utilities were updated to accommodate the final configuration.

  • Lewisville, TX
Project Owner
  • Lewisville Independent School District
Project Size
  • 15 acres
Teaming Partners
  • Huckabee Architects
Services Leveraged
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